Aston Martin Vanquish Pre-Sales Detail

I had the absolute pleasure of preparing this stunning Aston Martin Vanquish ready for sale shortly. Firstly the wheels where addressed but they only had a light dusting of brake dust as they had only just be refurbished, after this the car had a application of Dodo Juice snowfoam to loosen up the dirt and [...]

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Jaguar F-Type R New Car Detail

Jaguar F-Type R New Car Detail. On September 28th i carried out one of my very popular new car details on this stunning Jaguar F-Type R for a returning client of mine. A few months back i carried out a paint enhancement detail on his Jaguar XKR ready for it to go up for [...]

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VW Golf GTI MK2 Show Car

Recently i was asked to carry out a paint correction detail on this stunning MK2 Golf GTI show car. As part of my mobile service i traveled from Basingstoke to Bristol to carry out the Detail.         After having a full colour change the paint wasn't up to show standard so FMdetailing [...]

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Audi RS4 Avant Paint Enhancement

So a little while ago had a email from a chap with a B5 RS4 avant, the chap wanted a paint enhancement detail on his lovely Goodwood green Audi so i was only happy to take up the challenge. first things first time to get the green paintwork ready for machine polishing, first thing was [...]

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Jaguar XK150 Paint Correction Detail

FMdetailing was drafted in again by a loyal regular client for his new purchase of a nut & bolt restored Jaguar XK150 drophead coupe. Upon inspection of the vehicle it was noted that the paint was in poor condition, in places the paint had cracked so looked terrible, the vehicle also had the usual scratches [...]

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Audi RS3 New Car Detail

I carried out a new car detail on this stunning Nardo Grey Audi RS3 sportback, traveled down to London to carry out this detail. The car was given a through wash and decontamination process using the two bucket method, tar & glue remover, iron deposit remover and a soft clay bar to ensure the surface [...]

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VW Transporter Car Show Preparation

Had a nice VW Transporter show van that fmdetailing was drafted in to do a paint correction detail on it. The Transporter was going to a car show on the weekend just after the detail the show it was attending was dub freeze, a invite only car show for the best vw's in the country [...]

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New Car Preparation

As the new reg is coming out soon why not book your new "16" reg in with FMdetailing today for a "new car detail" . This service gives your vehicle the best start in life. In many occasions new cars have factory or even main dealer induced defects i know a new car should be [...]

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Audi A5 Black Edition

Traveled down to Heathrow to carry out a paint correction detail on this lovely scuba blue Audi A5 Black Editon, the car was littered with holograms and swirl marks, FMdetailing was drafted in to put right these unsightly marks and scratches.

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