Bentley Flying Spur Bespoke Paint Correction Detail

In for a bespoke paint correction detail this stunning Bentley Flying Spur. First thing was the alloy wheels with valetpro Bilberry wheel cleaner before the snowfoam blanket to remove the loose contamination, once rinsed of the snowfoam and shampoo suds the exterior was dried with soft microfibre towels. With the [...]

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Peugeot 205 GTi Detail

In for a paint enhancement but keeping the patina of the car is this stunning totally oem Peugeot 205 GTi With a mass of history from new after discussing the best possible detail for the car we decided to only give the 205 a light enhancement to remove a lot of the swirls but keep [...]

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Ford Ranger M-Sport New Car Detail

Ford Ranger M-Sport New Car Detail In for a new car detail this brand new Ford Ranger M-Sport, this car is how a new car should be detailed, apart from the exterior wrappers (they were taken off so my client could drive the car home from M-Sport) all the interior [...]

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Porsche 912

Porsche 912 Maintenance Detail A regular client's new purchase is this stunning Guards Red Porsche 912 from 1966. Being a USA import its in amazingly good condition after being in a warm part of the world. The car was treated to a citrus pre-wash to loosen up the dirt and debris before the physical [...]

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