//Audi RS4 Avant Paint Enhancement

Audi RS4 Avant Paint Enhancement

So a little while ago had a email from a chap with a B5 RS4 avant, the chap wanted a paint enhancement detail on his lovely Goodwood green Audi so i was only happy to take up the challenge.

first things first time to get the green paintwork ready for machine polishing, first thing was the wheels were thoroughly cleaned of brake dust, iron deposits and tar spots.

IMG_0428Here Bilt Hamber Korrosol is dissolving the iron deposits ready to be washed away with the jet wash





Next up a thick blanket of snowfoam was applied to the car to break the bond between the dirt and the paintwork ready for safe removal again with the jet wash.







After the snowfoam was washed off the car was washed with the well known two bucket method for safe cleaning with minimum scratching.

After that was completed and the car was dried with a thick plush microfibre drying towel the car had the paint depth measure with a specialist paint depth gauge to see if the paint is safe to machine polish, if its too thin sub 100microns then the chance of break through is very high so machine polishing without the use of a paint depth gauge is very risky!

IMG_0439As you can see in this photo the paint reading is 124microns a very healthy reading for original car.





Once the whole car was checked for paint thickness it was time to break out the polishers. After a few different combo’s of machines/ polishes and pads the right combo was found to carry out the paint enhancement that was required.

After a 2 stage machine polish the car looked a lot better. After every stage a full wipe down with IPA was used to ensure the correct amount of swirl removal.


The finished article.

IMG_0531IMG_0559Full album can be found on my facebook page. Please click this link >> Audi RS4 Avant Photo Album

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