//The FMdetailing step by step safe wash guide

The FMdetailing step by step safe wash guide

Hi all i thought i’d do a step by step guide to safe washing your vehicle as i get asked this alot by clients!

Step 1: pre-rinse your wheels








Step 2: apply wheel cleaner of choice, and agitate with a soft detailing brush and wheel woolies for the wheel barrels










Step 3: Rinse off with clean water all the dirt and wheel cleaner from the faces and barrels










Step 5: Time to fill your buckets, always use the two bucket method! one for just water one for warm water and car shampoo. Using a lambs wool wash mitt to wash the vehicle.










Step 6: working one panel at a time working top to bottom wash the vehicle, after one panel has been washed dunk the mitt into the clean water bucket knocking off the dirt and grime picked up on the mitt. wash the whole vehicle but half the vehicle in warm weather.








Step 7 : Rinse off all the soap suds using either a jet wash or a hose pipe either works very well.13151642_524641804386928_4500070312904205525_n








Step 8 : time to dry the vehicle by pat drying the vehicles paint using a plush microfibre drying towel. A good quality drying towel will not scratch the paint at all and shouldn’t leave at water marks etc on the paintwork.

Step 9 : Stand back and admire your shiny car from correctly washing it. At this point you can add some tire shine once the tires are dry, sometimes when tire shine is applied to wet tires they can turn brown but wont do on a dry tire.


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