//Jaguar XK150 Paint Correction Detail

Jaguar XK150 Paint Correction Detail

FMdetailing was drafted in again by a loyal regular client for his new purchase of a nut & bolt restored Jaguar XK150 drophead coupe.

Upon inspection of the vehicle it was noted that the paint was in poor condition, in places the paint had cracked so looked terrible, the vehicle also had the usual scratches and swirl marks as expected from a old car, the car was restored approx 20 years ago.

Firstly the Jaguar had a full safe wash & decontamination process to remove any overspray, tar spots, iron deposits before the polishing stage can begin.

First stage the rotary polisher was used to remove the swirls & scratches, the localized cracks were wet sanded using 1500 grit , 2000 grit then 3000 grit to ensure the scratches made from wet sanding are uniform and level. After the wet sanding process was complete the patches were polished as per the rest of the Jaguar. After each polishing set ipa was used to inspect the paint to the desired correction, IPA is a alcohol solution that removes polishing oils and fillers found in compounds.

The section stage of machine polishing was then carried out, this stage utilized the Rupes Bigfoot 21mm with a medium cut polishing pad with a fine cut polish. This stage is to refine the previous stage to polish the paint further to a perfect finish.





In this photo you can see the swirls that were present all over the Jaguar XK150.





IMG_0118Once that stage was completed a ipa solution was used again to make sure perfect paint was being achieved with the multi stage paint correction. The last stage of machine polishing was then carried out, using the Rupes Bigfoot 21mm again a anti hologram polish with a finishing pad was used to further jewel the paint to give perfect reflections and zero swirls/ holograms and scratches.

The final part of the paintwork process was to protect the freshly polished paint with a high quality natural caranuba wax to not only protect the paint but to add further gloss and wetness to the solid red paintwork.

The wax used was Definitive Wax Cora, a high content carnuaba wax.

Once the paintwork was finished the glass was cleaned, the tyres were dressed, all brightwork polished and the exhausts were polished.

Jaguar XK150 Drophead coupe

The finished Jaguar XK150 Drophead coupe



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