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Paint Correction

Price: from £250 (subject to vehicle size and condition)

Time Taken 6 – 20 hours (size of vehicle dependent)

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Paint Correction
Paint Correction

My popular Paint Correction detailing services are great value for money and totally transform the look of your vehicle.

Treated to a intensive multi stage wash & decontamination process then to machine polish the paint to  90% – 95% to what it is now the paintwork is polished, to removal swirls/ scratches and holograms restoring the true gloss and depth of the paintwork.

Paintwork sealed & waxed to give it lasting shine.

 Please Note a 30% Booking fee is required for Detailing work, this is payable via bank transfer or Paypal when a date has been arranged.

Wheels & Arches.

  • Alloy wheels rinsed to remove surface brake dust and contamination.
  • Wheels misted with a safe non-corrosive PH neutral wheel cleaner.

  • Agitated with an assortment of non-scratching wheel brushes and wheel woollies.

  • Bonded on brake dust broken down with a dedicated fallout remover.
  • Arches sprayed with an All-Purpose Cleaner and agitated with a long-reach soft bristle brush.

  • Rinsed thoroughly.

  • Tyres & arch liners dressed.

  • Optional extra Wheel faces protected with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Amour (£30)
Paint Correction
Paint Correction

Coachwork Preparation.

  • Vehicle covered in a layer of snowfoam pre-wash to soften and lift surface dirt.
  • Intricate areas agitated with a soft detailing brush.

  • Pressure Rinsed.

  • Safe wash down using a two bucket method with a high-quality pH neutral wash solution & natural lambswool wash mitt.

  • Tar spotting removed.

  • Contamination removed with a dedicated fallout remover.
  • Paintwork exfoliated with Clay bar to further remove bonded contamination

  • Vehicle dried using microfibre drying towels.

  • Paintwork thickness measured with a paint depth gauge to check for safe levels to polish.

  • All trim & rubber seals taped up to avoid marking from the polishing process.

  • Multi stage machine polish to boost gloss, clarity & to remove swirls to 95% where possible.

  • Paintwork protected with a long lasting synthetic paint sealant &  natural caranuba wax.
 Ceramic coatings are available for extra cost ( please state ceramic coating is required on booking)

Glazing Preparation.

  • Interior glazing cleaned with Stoner invisible glass.

  • Exterior glazing cleaned with Stoner invisible glass.

Recommended Protection Upgrades:

Ceramic Coatings available

Gyeon : Cancoat £80+

Gtechniq : Crystal serum light £100+

Max Protect : UNC V1 & V2 £150+

Max Protect : UNC-R £150+

Max Protect : UNC-R Pro Elite £250+

Max Protect : UNC Alloy Wheel Protection £80+

Max Protect : UGC Glass Protection £40+

Mobile Service Charges:-

Free within a 20 miles radius of Basingstoke