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Premium Valet

Premium Valets from FMdetailing are the highest level valet services available before detailing services start, the full car gets attention in this service.

Premium Valet Price list

Small Car : £70- £80

Medium Car : £80 – £90

Large Car/ 4×4 / Van : £100 – £120

The process consists of a Safe Wash, vacuum interior, clean all interior plastic trim, clean seats if stained, clean windows inside & out, wax paintwork, dress tires, dress exterior plastic trim.

Bolt On`s For Premium Valets:-
Engine Bay Cleaning £15

Exterior Glass Sealant £10

Brake Caliper Repainting £15

Leather Deep Cleaning and Conditioning £15

Example of car sizes. , Small cars are Ford Fiesta/ Fiat 500 size cars,

Medium size cars are Ford Focus/ Audi A3 size cars,

Large cars are BMW 7 series/ Mercedes S class size cars.