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Premium Valet

Premium Valets from FMdetailing are the highest level valeting services available before detailing services start, the full car gets attention in this service.

Price list

Small Car : £70- £80

Medium Car : £80 – £90

Large Car/ 4×4 / Van : £100 – £120

The process consists of a Safe Wash, vacuum interior, clean all interior plastic trim, clean seats if stained, clean windows inside & out, wax paintwork, dress tires, dress exterior plastic trim.

Bolt On`s For Premium Valets:-
Engine Bay Cleaning £15
Exterior Glass Sealant £10

Brake Caliper Repainting £15
Leather Deep Cleaning and Conditioning £15
Small cars are Ford Fiesta/ Fiat 500 size cars.
Medium size cars are Ford Focus/ Audi A3 size cars.
Large cars are BMW 7 series/ Mercedes S class size cars.