//VW Tiguan New Car Protection Detail

VW Tiguan New Car Protection Detail

In for a new car detail this recent purchase for a regular client of FM Detailing.

This VW Tiguan was prepared by the chaps at VW very poorly indeed, while washing the car on the inspection i noticed that there wasn’t a huge amount of water beading indicting that there wasnt the protection that my client had paid for.

Now a few weeks later i was back to prepare the car how it should be done with a decent amount of protection in the shape of Max Protect UNC-R, a amazing 3 year ceramic coating and the worlds only rubber membrane ceramic coating.

Starting off with a thorough clean of the 20″ alloy wheels using Valetpro Billberry wheel cleaner, once this was completed a blanket of Bilt Hamber Autofoam was applied to loosen up the bonded on dirt, debris & salt present on the cars coachwork.

While the Autofoam was dwelling the wash buckets were filled, one with straight water and the other with the wash medium, this time it was Carpro reset to give it a through deep clean prior to claying.

Onto the drying now as the whole car was washed & clayed thoroughly to remove the bonded on dirt & debris.

Using soft plush towels to dry the Tiguan as safe as possible and to cause no scratching including the door shuts the car could now be moved inside firstly to measure the paint and then for polishing to remove the terrible swirls & scratches already there.

The chosen combo after a few different try’s was Carpro clearcut , Meguairs microfibre cutting pad & the rupes Bigfoot 21 machine polisher.

The paint responded very well to this combo and worked incredibly fast also.

Once fully polished and looking great the car was then given a through wipe down to remove any oils & waxes prior to applying the amazing Max Protect UNC-R ceramic coating.

Once fully coated the rest of the smaller jobs where now tackled, the tyres were dressed using Meguairs Endurance Gel for long lasting gloss on the tyres, the windows were cleaned thoroughly inside and out using Stoner invisible glass moving onto a thorough vacuum of the interior and dust down.

All that was left to do now was to stand back and admire the now properly prepared VW Tiguan R-line.

More photos can be found on the FM Detailing facebook page

New Car Protection Detail

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