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End of lease Valet & Detail

End of lease valet prices From : £70 (subject to vehicle size and condition)

End of lease detail prices from : £200

Time taken 4-6 hours (size of vehicle dependent)

At the end of a vehicles lease the vehicle is subjected to a inspection to look for any damages, such as alloy wheel kerbing, deep scratches, bumper scuffs etc, to limit the cost of such damages the End of lease valet is perfect to get the car back up to scratch and looking great.

Stone chips are touched in (paint code is required to order the correct paint colour) minor scratches are polished out by hand, and the rest of the vehicle is cleaned to be presented to the best order for inspection.

For a more intensive clean then the alternative is the End of lease detail.

The End of lease detail is much the same as the valet but it includes a machine polish of the whole exterior removing swirls and scratches as well as the usual things like stone chips etc tended to.

Here is a link to the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) for any info on what the leasing companies usually look for upon hand back of the vehicle, BVRLA wesite

Wheels & Arches.

  • Alloy wheels rinsed to remove surface brake dust and contamination.
  • Wheels misted with a safe non-corrosive ph neutral wheel cleaner.

  • Agitated with an assortment of non-scratching wheel brushes and wheel woollies.

  • Bonded on brake dust broken down with a dedicated fallout remover.
  • Arches sprayed with an All-Purpose Cleaner and agitated with a long-reach soft bristle brush.

  • Rinsed thoroughly.

  • Tyres & arch liners dressed.

Coachwork Preparation.

  • Vehicle covered in a layer of snowfoam pre-wash to soften and lift surface dirt.
  • Intricate areas agitated with a soft detailing brush.
  • Pressure Rinsed.
  • Safe wash down using a two bucket method with a high-quality pH neutral wash solution & natural lambswool wash mitt.
  • Tar spotting removed.
  • Contamination removed with a dedicated fallout remover.
  • Coachwork exfoliated with Clay bar to further remove bonded contamination
  • Vehicle dried using microfibre drying towels.
  • Coachwork thickness measured with a paint depth gauge to check for safe levels to polish (End of lease detail only)
  • All trim & rubber seals taped up to avoid marking from the polishing process.
  • Single stage machine polish to boost gloss & clarity (End of lease detail only).
  • Coachwork protected with a wax.

Interior Preparation.

  • Interior inspected for marks and stains.
  • Interior vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Interior plastics cleaned & dressed.

  • Floor mats & carpets cleaned.

  • Leather Cleaned with soft detailing brushes & dedicated leather cleaner.

Glazing Preparation.

  • Interior glazing cleaned with Stoner invisible glass.

  • Exterior glazing cleaned with Stoner invisible glass.