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Valeting is to bring back the condition to the vehicle within sensible parameters, to most clients a full valet is sufficient enough for daily life. The vehicle will look a huge amount better than it does now, dirt & stains can not only look bad but decrees the value vs a clean car come resale time.

There are several different reason to get a car valeted, to add value for resale time , if on a long journey its a more pleasant place to spend a few hours driving in , you take pride in your vehicles appearance.

The process of giving the vehicle a quick clean look. This can either be a quick wash and wax, or a treatment with special products that adds gloss for a short period of time. It is not aimed at quality, durability or perfection, but aims at the best ratio between time and result. Trying to get the best look in the shortest time, without considering how long that look will last. A valeter will go for cheap products and works fast.


Mobile Service Charges:-

Free within a 20 miles radius of Basingstoke
10p per mile thereafter.