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New Car Protection Details

Prices From : £250 (subject to vehicle size and condition)

Time taken 5-10 hours (size of vehicle dependent)

The small print:

The new vehicle in question must have under 2500 miles on the clock otherwise it can not have a new car detail.

New Car Preparations are often overlooked. “It’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!?”

To give your vehicle the best start in life get it booked in for one of my very popular New Car Details. Very often from the factory a new car isn’t always perfect, the vehicle can have various defects in the paint and may require a bit of machine polishing to remove this.

Even more so with main dealers, Although you’re likely to be offered the in-house ‘paint protection packages’ with “5 years protection”, “no more polishing” and other such big claims, in reality, they offer poor value for money (package’s such as Supaguard, LifeShine, DiamondBrite and Gard X). These products are often applied incorrectly and over poorly prepared paint finishes as the in-house valet team are given strict timescales and are poorly trained to do the job as quickly as possible on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased pride and joy.

The most recommended way to get your new car looking as it should do is to say no to any dealer prep work. Book a professional detailer to carry out a new car detail on your brand new investment and it’ll look great.

Detailers are highly skilled in many parts of detailing so will take great care of your new car using top quality products that last!

FM Detailing are Max Protect approved detailing services so will offer their range of ceramic coatings first.

Ceramic coatings are available for extra cost ( please choose from list below for upgrades on ceramic coatings )

Please Note a £30 Booking fee is required for Detailing work, this is payable via bank transfer or Paypal when a date has been arranged.

After taking delivery of a brand new car with just 9 miles on the clock I was shocked at the condition of the paintwork, extensive swirling and buffing marks over the whole car that could not be missed immediately soured my joy.
However after seeing the outstanding work Fran performed on my friend Ben’s Golf I got in contact right away, the man is truly a detailing master (and a real trooper working under the baking sun all day) so to say the finished article looks 100x better would be an understatement!!
Looking forward to giving our other car the same treatment as soon as possible and will recommend FMdetailing at every opportunity!
Top work from a true gent.
Jonathan Dellow

Wheels & Arches.

  • Alloy wheels rinsed to remove surface brake dust and contamination.
  • Wheels misted with a safe non-corrosive PH neutral wheel cleaner.

  • Agitated with an assortment of non-scratching wheel brushes and wheel woollies.

  • Bonded on brake dust broken down with a dedicated fallout remover.
  • Arches sprayed with an All-Purpose Cleaner and agitated with a long-reach soft bristle brush.

  • Rinsed thoroughly.

  • Wheel faces protected with wheel specific wax.

  • Tyres & arch liners dressed.

Coachwork Preparation.

  • Vehicle covered in a layer of snowfoam pre-wash to soften and lift surface dirt.
  • Intricate areas agitated with a soft detailing brush.
  • Pressure Rinsed.
  • Safe wash down using a two bucket method with a high-quality pH neutral wash solution & natural lambswool wash mitt.
  • Tar spotting removed.
  • Contamination removed with a dedicated fallout remover.
  • Coachwork exfoliated with Clay bar to further remove bonded contamination
  • Vehicle dried using microfibre drying towels.
  • Coachwork thickness measured with a paint depth gauge to check for safe levels to polish.
  • All trim & rubber seals taped up to avoid marking from the polishing process.
  • Single stage machine polish to boost gloss & clarity.
  • Coachwork protected with a long lasting synthetic paint sealant &  natural caranuba wax.

Ceramic coatings are available for extra cost ( please state ceramic coating is required on booking)

Interior Preparation, optional extra

  • Interior inspected for marks and stains.
  • Interior vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Interior plastics cleaned & dressed.

  • Floor mats & carpets cleaned.

  • Floor mats & carpets treated to hydrophobic sealant.

  • Leather Cleaned with soft detailing brushes & dedicated leather cleaner.
  • Leather treated with high quality leather gaurd from Gtechniq.

Interior Bolt on £30-50

Glazing Preparation.

  • Interior glazing cleaned with Stoner invisible glass.

  • Exterior glazing cleaned with Stoner invisible glass.
  • Windscreen exfoliated with clay bar to remove contamination.

Recommended Protection Upgrades:

Ceramic Coatings available

Gyeon : Cancoat £80+

Gtechniq : Crystal serum light £100+

Max Protect : UNC V1 & V2 £150+

Max Protect : UNC-R £150+

Max Protect : UNC-R Pro Elite £250+

Max Protect : UNC Alloy Wheel Protection £80+ for 4 wheel faces, £150 total for wheel barrels & faces.

Max Protect : UGC Glass Protection £40+

Mobile Service Charges:-

Free within a 20 miles radius of Basingstoke
10p per mile thereafter.