//Peugeot 205 GTi Detail

Peugeot 205 GTi Detail

In for a paint enhancement but keeping the patina of the car is this stunning totally oem Peugeot 205 GTi
With a mass of history from new after discussing the best possible detail for the car we decided to only give the 205 a light enhancement to remove a lot of the swirls but keep the history as to not devalue the car.
First thing to do was to clean the 14 inch alloy wheels of the brake dust and iron deposits that have built up.
Once the wheels were cleaned inside & out a blanket of Bilt Hamber Autofoam pre-wash and left to dwell for approx 10 mins to do its thing.

While the autofoam was dwelling time to fill up the Zaino wash buckets with valet pro car wash shampoo with grit guards in both buckets and the wash board in the rinse bucket.
Once rinsed of pre-wash & washed with the two bucket system the whole vehicle was dried including the door jams.

Once dried the paint was now ready to polish.

After measuring the paint depth for safe levels to machine polish some issue areas were mapped out with masking tape to ensure they were not hit with the machine polisher.

The chosen compound & pad combo was figured out after a few tests, once the whole car had been polished time for the protection.
Rupes Bigfoot 21, Meguairs purple softbuff cutting pad with Koch Chemie F5 polish was the chosen combo.

Once the whole car was polished a follow up combo of Koch Chemie P2 with a antihologram pad before protection could go on!

The engine bay had a detail at this point to remove a light dust layer and some grease and oil patches.

Mitchell & King was chosen for the protection on the coachwork.

The exterior glazing was cleaned before the tyres were dressed and the black trim was treated with solutions finish trim restorer.

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